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What’s the Difference? Independent Insurance Agent vs Captive Insurance Agent

The main difference between a Captive Insurance Agent vs Independent Insurance Agent is the number of insurance carriers they represent. “Captive” Insurance Agent Captive Insurance Agents represent and sell insurance for a single company and can usually only sell their policies (some companies have exceptions).   When you contact a captive agent to quote your […]

Got Earthquake Insurance?

Southern California has been shaking! Typical Homeowner’s Insurance Policies do not cover earthquake damage. Earthquakes over 5.0 cause a moratorium on issuing out Earthquake Insurance Policies. In order to ensure you have coverage for an earthquake, you will need to purchase an Earthquake Insurance Policy. Earthquake Insurance is AFFORDABLE! We can still write Earthquake Insurance! […]

Short Term Rentals and Insurance

I am sure by now most of the residents of the Coachella Valley have “Heard the Buzz” about renting your home or condo for the BIG concerts, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival & Stagecoach Festival, hoping to make a few extra bucks for the weekend. Something homeowners usually don’t think about is that their […]