Drone Insurance? Really?

No matter how much aviation experience you have, these small aircraft come with more risk than the average hobby. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) now requires every drone owner to register each drone that is purchased weighing over .55lbs. If your drone is NOT registered you may be subject to the legal consequences defined in the U.S. Government drone regulation terms.

Are you aware that when you operate a drone, you become liable in the event of property damage or personal injury? Almost no one is thinking about insurance coverage when they’re buying a drone.

Why Would I Need to Insure My Drone?

There are many instances of drone related accidents that have been documented. The operator could lose control of the drone, or the drone could run out of power, causing it to crash and destroy someone’s property or worse, cause bodily injury. What would happen if your drone hit an electric line causing a black out or if your drone lost power, hit a car causing an accident? There are several dangerous scenarios a drone operator can experience that could cause harm to property of others or injure people, resulting in high costs of property damage, personal injury and medical expenses. And be aware, there are “Invasion of Privacy” claims out there also!

You may already have coverage for drone damage insurance and liability through your homeowner’s, condo or renter’s insurance policy, depending on the kind of drone you have and how you use it. A homeowner’s policy will not cover drones operated for commercial use, nor will a landlord’s insurance protect you if you’re a renter.

To safeguard yourself you should check with your insurance agent to be sure you are covered for personal liability, medical coverage, property loss or damage and invasion of privacy. There are different types of drone insurance policies to choose from, and it is important that you get the right coverage for your needs.

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