Travel Medical Insurance… Do I Really Need It?

Traveling abroad can be so exciting, however, unpredictable illnesses or injury can happen. What is worse, the rising medical bills can be financially devastating. Regardless of whether you’re traveling to an all-inclusive resort or a third-world country, you never know what kinds of challenges you could face when you travel abroad.

Just because you are #travelingabroad, doesn’t mean that your medical insurance is traveling with you. Whenever you travel abroad, you should protect yourself by either buying a Travel Medical Insurance plan or vacation plan that includes medical emergencies.

The U.S. Department of State encourages you to check with your regular health insurance provider before you travel abroad to learn whether certain (or any) medical expenses will be covered.

· Travel Medical Insurance coverage will assure you that you won’t bring back medical bills as souvenirs from your vacation.

· Travel Medical Insurance protects you in the event of an illness or injury when traveling outside of your country of residence. It can provide important medical benefits in the event of an emergency.

· Buying Travel Medical Insurance for your international trip is a smart investment.

Did you know…Medicare doesn’t cover you outside the USA

You may not have any #medicalcoverage when you #travel outside the United States under your Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plan. While some supplemental Medicare policies do provide coverage, they rarely cover the costs of an emergency medical evacuation. Be sure to check on this before you travel!

Who should purchase a Travel Medical Insurance Plan?

If you’re traveling within your home country, you should remain covered under your current health insurance plan. Check with your trusted insurance agent first.

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These are only informational guidelines, policies can differ, even within the same company.