What’s the Difference? Independent Insurance Agent vs Captive Insurance Agent

The main difference between a Captive Insurance Agent vs Independent Insurance Agent is the number of insurance carriers they represent.

“Captive” Insurance Agent

  • Captive Insurance Agents represent and sell insurance for a single company and can usually only sell their policies (some companies have exceptions).


  • When you contact a captive agent to quote your insurance, they will only have one insurance company to offer.


 “Independent” Insurance Agents

  • Independent Insurance Agents work for themselves and represent several carriers.


  • Independent Insurance Agents can offer a broader product selection.



  • An Independent Insurance Agent can help clients compare several different insurance policies side by side.


  • Independent agents are going to have a better comprehension of how the coverages are interlaced commercially than most captive agents and will have more markets to quote your business.


Do have time or want to contact multiple insurance agents for quotes? Working with an independent agent makes it easy to shop multiple carriers as they do the shopping for you.


No matter who your Insurance Agent/Agency is, be sure you TRUST them.