Why Give Back to Your Community?

Why Give Back to Your Community?

While we do not have the power to make life better for everyone, each one of us has the power to make a difference in someone’s life or in the life of your community.

Yes, our community is where we live, but our community is also a place where we belong. Volunteering is important on so many levels; it helps you to develop a sense of belonging. A community is a puzzle where you become an important piece. By lending a helping hand to people and organizations in need, you are adding another missing piece to that puzzle. What you may not realize is that giving back to your community and volunteering also benefits you as an individual. You learn something about yourself, as well as learn something about your community. Not to mention, you will make it a better place to live.

Most people find themselves in need at some point in their lives. Right now you might be that person, who has the ability to help, but you never know what tomorrow may bring and you might be the person who needs the help. Remember to “Pay it Forward” instead of “Paying it Back”, we’re not just talking just about financial help.


Here are 12 ways you can give back to your Community:

  • Does your local library need help? You can go in and help organize it?
  • Are there a lot of homeless people in need of food, clothing or shelter?
  • Go through your personal belongings and get rid of what you have not used in the past year. Then find out which organizations have a thrift store in need of donations, or just need the items for survival. Remember “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”.
  • Several organizations are always in need of refilling their food pantries. And if you are dropping off food donations, ask if they need help serving meals that day or in the near future. You will be surprised how fulfilling it is and how grateful these people are as well as giving them hope.
  • Go to your local senior center to see about delivering “Meals on Wheels”. The seniors not only appreciate the meals, they also enjoy the company, even if it is just for a few minutes.
  • How about tutoring for someone who might not read.
  • Babysitting for your neighbor who is a single mom, so she can run to the grocery store alone.
  • You can drive your elderly neighbor to his/her doctor appointment.
  • Churches can always use help, whether it’s in the church’s day care center or cleaning up after the service.
  • Hospitals can use volunteers to deliver flowers or mail to patients.
  • Youth organizations, such as your local Boys and Girls Clubs and YMCA’s can always use volunteers on every level.
  • Call your local chamber of commerce and see if they have any upcoming events that you can volunteer at, they can always use the help.
  • Schools are always in need of volunteers, there always seems to be a fundraising event going on in most schools. Get on committees for functions that will need the assistance of parent volunteers. Or volunteer in your child’s classroom. I always volunteered at my children’s schools. I not only did it to make it a better learning experience for my own children, but to also help other children in need. Because I volunteered so many hours at their schools,  I also knew firsthand what was going in their individual classrooms, what was happening in the rest of their school, as well as what was going on in the district.

Sharing your time, your skills or your care are so rewarding, simply help where you can. Keep in mind, you don’t need any special skills; you just need the desire and the passion to help others. Even seemingly small gestures can make a big difference. And it does not mean digging into your pockets.

Volunteering can make your life richer and more meaningful. It can help you grow as a person and give a sense of accomplishment and pride that goes along with giving your time.  You are not only giving, you are receiving too.

Together- we can make a difference!